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Ordering instructions

Ordering Information: Orders of classical records may be placed by fax, phone, e-mai or mail. Orders will be confirmed immediately by fax (if you specify your number) e-mail, or mail and will be held for 45 days, after which time any unpaid items will be returned to stock. If you do not receive an answer from us to your order by e-mail or fax within 2 days, please repeat your order.

Payment for the records the payment is accepted by cheque, money order and Visa, American Express or MasterCard. Please be sure to include your i.d. and order number(s) with your payment, thus making our bookkeeping work easier. If the payment is made in a currency other than US Dollar, the monthly Canadian exchange rate will be applied. In order to send money order to Canada more easily I indicate the actual US-Canadian Dollar exchange rate in the front page of the list. (This exchange rate will be applied at the time of billing.) Important! When the payment is made with Eurocheque or other personal cheques of any kind, please be sure to remit funds in local currencies (i.e. Germans please pay in Euro, etc). For credit orders, please be sure that you have filled in the orderform with your card number and the current expiration date. We cannot be held responsible for cash sent through the mail.

Postage rates Mahler Discography (book) First Record (LP) Additional Recrods (LP) First 78 Additional 78
International Surface 25.00 12.00 1.80 17.00 7.00
International Air Mail 39.00 20.00 4.90 32.00 9.00
European Surface 25.00 12.00 1.80 17.00 7.00
European Air Mail 39.00 20.00 4.90 32.00 9.00
North America Mail (Express) 25.00 14.00 1.80 18.00 6.00