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Ordering Instruction Grading Guidelines Abbreviations


You can find the appreviations that the description of a classical records may have:
S Stereo (otherwise MONO) Libretto, text enclosed
Recorded DJ Damaged jacket
p. Published or/and Copyright t. Text on the jacket (Other information then recording date)
l. Library on Congress number (Lxx=19xx) e. Estimated from the technology (mono, stereo, digital)
o. Other source c. Circa
Factory sealed, opened to verify LC Library Copy
PC Promotional copy Replacement jacket or box (RJ)
Cut-out (sale item) (cj) PS Electronic stereo
Jacket needs to tape or glue (TS) Longish album (la)
Earliest label (pressing) Recorded in mono only (m)
Dowel spine jacket (ds) SQ String Quartet
Sym Symphony or Symphonic Con Concerto
Son Sonata RSO Radio Symphony Orchestra
ChO Chamber Orchestra SK Staatskapelle
PO Philharmonic Orchestra Philh Philharmonia
Th Theatre OpO Opera Orchestra
Pno Piano Vln Violin

Pressing abbreviations:

The last column of the list please check the codes at Mikrokosmos Labelography

Generally: Canadian pressings: (CP) is written before the record number at all the audiophile, 2/6 EYE Stereo Columbia, BL Angel

- ANGEL: BL Blue label; RS Red & Silver label (Canadian pressing indicated any case at BL)
- COLUMBIA: 2/6* means 2 or 6 EYE label (Canadian pressing indicated)
- D.G.G.: Tulip label means early German pressing (if otherwise not indicated)
- DECCA: WB Wide band (without this symbol narrow band)
- EMI: English pressing if no other indication, Postage Stamp label at ASD series or WG at white & gold label, BR at semi circle early label, LD at late, semi circle large dog label. At EMI/Columbia pressings: BS Blue & Silver, BR semi circle Columbia label.
- ETERNA: BL Black label; GL Early green label
- HUNGAROTON: Listed under this name Hungarian Qualiton & Magyar Hanglemezgyártó Vállalat
- LONDON: BB Blue back (English pressing indicated in any case) WB see: Decca
- MELODIYA: OLD Old Melodiya: Early Soviet records with CCCP, Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga, etc label. These LPs are usually supplied in original, poor quality jacket (as normal Melodiya records were also given poor jackets from time to time). RG Red & Gold label at Old Melodiya; WLI World's Leading Interpreters of Music series; MH Musical Heritage series; LRO Live Recordings of Outstanding Musicians series
- MERCURY prefixes: (after the standard prefix with hyphen):
- First Letter: E Dark maroon (early), M Lighter maroon (middle), L Pale maroon (late), V Vendor, P Promotional
- Second Letter: F RCA pressing, R Mercury pressing, C Columbia pressing, M Philips pressing
- PHILIPS: All Dutch or English pressing (if otherwise not indicated)
- RCA VICTOR: SD Shaded dog, WD White dog, EP Early pressing at Victrola records
- EP,UK English pressing; US US pressing; CP Canadian pressing (indicated any time at audiophile items, Columbia 2EYE/2* & 6EYE/6*); HP Holland pressing; IP Italian pressing; IS Israeli pressing SA South African pressing.

Abbreviations at 78 rpm records only:

(H) Hungarian pressing; (C) Czech pressing; (S) Spanish pressing; (E) English pressing; (F) French pressing; (I) Italian pressing; (G) German pressing (means Electrola at His Master's Voice label); (J) Japan pressing
OA Supplied in original album; SS Single sided; # Matrix number

! First time on the Mikrokosmos list (at least according to the record number)