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About Mikrokosmos

The Mikrokosmos Mail Order Company was established in 1988. We started the business in Hungary and our Hungarian origin explains why the company named after Bartók's popular piano piece series. In 1993, we moved to Canada, Toronto, but we still keep a very strong connection with Hungary. We get many hard-to-find LPs and 78 rpm records from the Eastern-European countries (see: disappeared country names as Sovietunio, Czechoslovakia, DDR, etc).

In 1998, Mikrokosmos Company published the first volume of the classical record label collection under the name Labelography. This was a big step to develop a standard for the classical records. We are planning to add about 200 new labels to this collection every year. For more details please click to MIKROKOSMOS LABELOGRAPHY. The Labelography is part of our main goal to inform you the best about any recording. This is the reason indicating the recording date (when it is important and known), matrix numbers at the 78 rpm records, stamper numbers at the audiophile records, etc.

About the Mail Order Company

Since 1989 Mikrokosmos offers rare classical LPs & 78s to collectors all around the world. It was in December 1989 when the first Mikrokosmos list was released and since then every month a new list released. The first list had about 400 items, now we offer about 3,000 items in our free, set-sale, monthly catalogue.

The monthly catalogue could be found on the internet on the first day of each month. We send an e-mail to inform you that the new list is available on the net.

Five lists are available at the same time. It means that after 5 months all the new items left will be on the sale section and remained sale items will be found on the last offer section. Thus the sale and last offer items are good records by we just priced a bit high when we put them to the list or the demand decreased meanwhile.

We apply set-sale price, which means that the first customer will get the record who orders it. We never accept any higher offer for any item and sorry, but we do not give any discount. If you find that our price is a bit high please wait a few months and if you are right the record will be on the sale section for a smaller amount.

Details about ordering, paying and shipping please check the ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS

About the Fülöps, who run the Mikrokosmos Company

My name is Peter Fülöp. I was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1949. Finishing the Technical University in Budapest, I worked for a medical research company developing the CAT scanner. The changes in politics meant in Hungary that there was no more money for research and I started my own business. I have been collecting classical records since 1970 and it was in 1984 when I met Dave Canfield , Ars Antiqua. He tough me about the record business and his help has accompanied my whole activity until now.

Me and my wife established Mikrokosmos Company in 1988. We (my wife, 3 boys, our dog and me) moved to Canada in 1993 where we became Canadian citizens.
When I do not work for the Mikrokosmos (which does not happen too often), I listen music, watch movies and edit the new volumes of the Mahler Discography and the Labelography. The previous edition of the MAHLER DISCOGRAPHY was published in 2010 by Mikrokosmos Company and the sixth volume of the MIKROKOSMOS LABELOGRAPHY released in 2002.
Péter Fülöp