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Mikrokosmos has been offering rare classical records (LPs and 78s) to collectors around the world since 1989. The first order list from Mikrokosmos was released in 1988 and since then there has been a new list released every month. The first catalog included about 400 classical records and now we offer about 4,000 items in our free set-sale monthly catalogue. Mikrokosmos and Ars Antiqua merged in 2005.

New customers PLEASE note that the first order should be minimum $15.00 + S&H

Please note that the new monthly list of classical records is put on the site last day of the previous month, at about 6:00pm CET. Also note that the lists are not modified according to the sales immediately. The sold records are not indicated immediately after purchase and when they are it can only be viewed via the search engine. The prices for the records are in US dollars. However Mikrokosmos is a Canadian company and it can only charge credit cards in Canadian dollars. We apply a fixed exchange rate for each month. The current rate is:

1 USD = 1.37 CAD

Mikrokosmos also would like to buy record collection (78s and LPs only) and ready to pay a finding fee to anybody who lead us to any good collection.

DF 211 - 212 / Marcelle Meyer : Debussy complete Preludes book I and II;
Images I; 2 pieces.
First ever LP issue ! Full analog mastering from original mastertapes,
original deluxe canvas DF album.

Limited 200 copys.*
Read more details, buy - CLICK LINK: https://www.frenchrecordcompany.com

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